The Research Masters initiative, Lifelong.Media, is a social enterprise dedicated to helping others achieve the fullest life possible. We enkindle a passion for lifelong learning in people of all ages, through an exciting range of holistic learning collections that help learners develop a sense of self and community.

Our data-driven instructional model builds customized learning experiences based on each learner’s Personalized Development Path. And because we are constantly updating our learning collections—our content is always highly relevant and impactful.

With a range of instructional approaches and resources, we’re able to address the needs of a range of learning styles and abilities. No more one-size-fits-all. Whether it’s an interactive video, animated case-study, core content lesson, game-based virtual simulation, or one of our many social-learning resources, our learning collections provide multiple pathways to knowledge and understanding.

Lifelong.Media is a vanguard in the movement to replace fragmented teaching methods with visionary learning experiences that foster a true sense of community. 

We believe that to teach, is to touch a life–forever.