Writer K-3

Lacy is a freelance writer, wife, and mother of three. When she is not caring for her children, painting, or baking and decorating a cake that looks like SpongeBob, she is pursuing her passion, which is creating educational materials and scripts for children's stories. Lacy has worked for a number of well-known publishing companies and development houses, creating content for a variety of educational platforms, including test banks related to the CCSS, as well as higher education medical and scientific content lessons for the digital platform. In addition, she is the primary writer of the new series, "The Polka Dot Pals," emphasizing compassion and diversity for the younger audience. The episodes teach the importance of showing care and embracing differences, especially to those with special needs.  She is deadline-oriented, takes pride in her work and delivers superior quality that often exceeds expectations.  In her spare time, Lacy dabbles in wood carving, writing poetry, drawing, and making things out of clay.