The Research Masters produces a variety of educational products, including teacher and student editions, workbooks, readers, and testing materials in a variety of print and online learning formats.

Elementary and Secondary

With a wide-range of subject matter specialists, our team has the experience and expertise to ensure that projects not only meet rigorous standards, but engages students in the learning process. We work diligently to conceptualize, prototype, beta-test, and refine your content and strategies, ensuring that projects receive adequate development time, while adhering to high quality standards.



By utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of the traditional classroom, students around the globe are embracing e-learning. Whether it refers to a course or a program or degree delivered completely online, or whether it is called Distance Education or online learning, e-learning is the future of education. The Research Masters has extensive experience in developing e-learning materials and regularly engages in e-learning content production. From conceptualizing new content from soup to nuts, or adapting and re-purposing existing textbook material for the online environment, The Research Masters excels in delivering high quality content for a variety of digital platforms.

Higher Education

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We employ leading college and university educators to help plan and develop your products. We excel in creating syllabi, designing curriculum, and in developing content that adheres to specific learning outcomes, certifications, state requirements, national and/or state standards and goals. We work tirelessly with you to prepare student populations with the knowledge and skill-set required for their careers by providing targeted solutions for exceptional content that meets your expectations.


Art & Design

Our art and design team excels in the process of problem-solving and creating distinct visual presentations through the use of typography, space, image, and color.  The Research Masters' team creates books, brochures, logos, letterheads, advertising, and marketing solutions for print and digital materials. Go ahead and tell us what your vision is, and our team will visually craft your story.

Professional Development and Trade

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Through our extensive network of educators in various institutions around the country, we keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in different industry sectors. These relationships enable us to produce up-to-date content that represents current best practice and evidenced-based research and information. Our nursing division is very strong, with a fine array of subject matter experts who regularly provide insight and direction on the development of several projects for our publishing partners each year. Our network is ever-growing and expanding, which enhances our marketability and provides you with more options for your content.

Digital Media

In today's information age, digital media is the preferred way to receive and disseminate information. The Research Masters is adept at developing all forms of digital media from blog posts to e-books. As content creators, The Research Masters can help you to determine the best way to present your digital content to your audience. Whether it is an e-book or an app, the right choice depends on the needs of your audience.  We will brainstorm ideas and objectives with you until we find the right voice for your project.