Content Specialist, RN, BSN

Nelah graduated from Messiah College, a school known for high quality education, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1997. She started her nursing career working as a floor nurse in a transitional care unit at North Penn Hospital and continued with this specialty at Pottstown Memorial Medical Center. While at Pottstown Memorial Medical Center, she also worked on the medical-surgical/oncology floor and later in the oncology/hematology clinic associated with the hospital. She gained valuable experience, administering chemotherapy and monitoring and treating side effects of various cancer treatments. After establishing a good foundation in oncology, she began working at Wyeth Pharmaceutical in pharmacovigilance, focusing on the safety of oncology drugs. This included sending reports to the regulatory agencies and contributing to the creation and updating of drug labels. Soon after this, Nelah branched into nursing education and began writing instructional materials for fellow nurses. She wrote an online continuing education course for registered nurses about palliative care. In 2015, she began writing and editing nursing literature for The Research Masters. Currently, she excels here as she continues to write and edit for notable medical publishers, including Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer Health, and Pearson. She is actively involved in the planning and preparation for the nursing division of Lifelong.Media, with her focus on education and mentoring nursing students and fellow nurses.