Sue spearheads our production team with her extensive graphic design and typesetting expertise. Her focus is on delivering a clean, professional final product both quickly and efficiently. She has designed several books and series, working with templates provided by the publisher, as well as her own original content. Her body of work includes everything from complicated outdoor recreation guides to detailed and complex educational materials, nonfiction books, association reports and summaries, various magazines and advertisements. Sue is well-versed in graphic design applications on the Mac platform, currently working in Quark, Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Office. 

Sue is also skilled in cartography, the art of creating maps. She has developed hundreds of original maps for a variety of projects over the years. 

Sue enjoys working with our clients and has mastered the art of understanding the vision and needs of each project, communicating her own thoughts and ideas during the creative process, which leads to the overall success and development of a stellar product, every time.

In her spare time, Sue enjoys fishing, hiking, and spending time with her adorable dog, Skeeter.