Social Media Manager

Tracy began working in social media in the early days of Web 2.0, using blogging and search engine optimization. By 2010, she'd expanded her services to include managing the social media accounts of solopreneurs and offering valuable training to empower them to communicate directly with their audiences. She soon began freelancing with other agencies, spearheading the social media accounts of public figures, local, national, and international companies, as well as non-profit organizations. Among them was a national financial firm with a strong customer base, but no social media footprint. Under Tracy's hands-on leadership, the company increased their online impressions by 13,000% and their online engagement by 19,000% within five months of campaign launch.

In 2012, Tracy began working on her Master's in Mass Communications with a concentration in media studies at the University of South Florida. She designed and executed a mixed-methods study of using Facebook posts to build brand loyalty that strongly supported a model mediated by parasocial interaction. Within the top 10% of her graduating class, she was inducted into the Kappa Tau Alpha Society and graduated with honors in 2015. She rounded out her education and experience by learning basic coding, digital design, type-setting, website design, advanced data analysis, and more related specialties that have helped her achieve a highly effective level of leadership with the specialists on her teams. Developing an understanding of related specializations has greatly facilitated team vision and communication.

Tracy has a long history in education, including a degree in English Education from CW Post University, ten years teaching secondary education, seven years as an intervention specialist, teaching credentials in New York, Florida, and California, and the esteemed distinction of National Board Certified teacher. She is passionate about connecting with others, and helping them bring their dreams to fruition. A deep-rooted belief that all people have the potential to succeed drives her to tailor educational experiences that capitalize on each person's unique talents, while empowering them with strategies to overcome challenges. Each spark of success drives a flame of confidence and greater achievement.

Lifelong.Media® is an endeavor that is near and dear to her passions and expertise.