Up Close and Personal With Lisa King

1.  How long have you been working with TRM?

I have worked with TRM since 2011.

2.  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am 47 years old. I have been married for 24 years. I have two magnificent children Lacy 24, and Jaden 13.  I received my teaching certificate in 1998 and taught in the public school system until 2009 when we relocated from Centerville, IA to Branson, MO.

3.  What experience and expertise do you bring to the TRM team?

I am very detailed oriented and I really take the time to listen to the client.  I strive to demonstrate keen insight into what each client wants which enables me to deliver high quality products that meet client satisfaction. In the educational market, my center of strength is developing educational materials for the K-6 student.

4.  What are some of your most notable accomplishments?

I graduated from Buena Vista University in the top 10% of my class with an ending GPA of 3.8.

5.  What is the best thing you like about working with TRM?

The individuals I work with are more like family than bosses and colleagues. Amy Bethea is a rare jewel who sees the potential in others and inspires and empowers her team members to succeed.

6.  Talk about a funny moment you had working on a project for TRM.

 Opening up an email from a writer asking a simple question that was five paragraphs long!  LOL.  As well as working with writers who think themselves into a tizzy by taking simple tasks and somehow making them impossible to execute. However, every day there is joy and humor in our work environment. Laughing and joking with one another relieves the tension during a stressful project.

7.  Talk about a challenging moment you had working on a project for TRM.

The majority of challenging moments with TRM is meeting strict deadlines imposed by some clients. For example, when working with one client in particular, I remember that we received a very tight deadline, conflicting and confusing instructions and very little answers to our questions.  Shortly thereafter we were told that we did not follow directions. During a call, I gently reminded them of previous directions given to our group, and the lack thereof. To make a long story short, we finished the project with flying colors. Our group produced hundreds of pages with the least rounds of revision!

8.  Talk about the most memorable moment that you had working with TRM.

The most memorable moment was meeting and interacting with Amy and my coworkers for the very first time in North Carolina.

9.  How has working with TRM benefitted you personally?

Working for TRM enables me to make a decent living while allowing me to stay at home and care for my special needs son.

10.  What are you looking forward to in future aspirations with TRM?

I’m looking forward to many more wonderful years with TRM where myself and other team members can work together to educate and empower others, and most importantly, to make the world a better place!