Up Close and Personal With Kyra Sheahan

1.  How long have you been working with TRM?

I can’t recall exactly, but I want to say 4-5 years!

2.  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am nearly an Arizona native! I’ve lived in Tucson for several years, where I currently reside with my fiancé and dogs. Although it’s hot most of the year, I love to busy myself with outdoor trail runs and yoga practices. When I’m not working, running, doing yoga, or playing with the dogs, you can find me in the kitchen, where I love to cook and bake. My dream is to one day have an outdoor garden, where I can go outside and pick my own produce. I believe that wellness starts with a healthy planet, and that nature provides us with the very things we need to nourish our bodies and minds.

3.  What experience and expertise do you bring to the TRM team?

I’ve worked in the academic and technical publishing field for the past 10+ years, writing, editing, and managing the development of educational products for a variety of audiences. I’ve participated in both in-house and contract work, focusing the majority of my projects on healthcare-related materials, government products, higher education, and K-12 core disciplines. With a domestic and international client base, I’ve seen and experienced a multitude of interactive teaching technologies, have successfully led teams through the product development cycle, and have had the pleasure of working with people of varying skills and backgrounds in a collaborative atmosphere to create innovate materials for learners of all ages.

4.  What are some of your most notable accomplishments?

Having the opportunity to develop content for amazing publishers like Wolters Kluwer, Pearson, and Jones and Bartlett is always a notable accomplishment in my book! Another notable accomplishment was my recent work with Discovery Education to develop a new product line of interactive teaching materials using the Discovery Channel media assets.

5.  What is the best thing you like about working with TRM?

The TRM culture and community is paramount and unlike anything I’ve ever found at other organizations. The people are what make TRM the incredible company it is today. Never have I had the pleasure of working with so many talented individuals who have positive attitudes, are willing to jump in and help out, and who genuinely care about each other and the quality of the product. From the notable teamwork on individual projects to the relationships and rapport that is developed with clients in the industry, people know they can count on having a pleasant and professional experience with they collaborate with TRM. 

6.  Talk about a funny moment you had working on a project for TRM.

There was one project in which the publisher was pretty clearly unsure of what they wanted for the final product, and we had to “fly the plane while building it.” It made for a lot of behind the scenes laughs when we were all scrambling to figure out the best way to design the materials, and also lent itself to a lot of creative freedom!

7.  Talk about a challenging moment you had working on a project for TRM.

One of the projects I was managing involved the transmission of hundreds of files to the publisher using their system server. One day, the server crashed and our files vanished! Luckily, I had backup copies of our files (Smartsheet to rescue!) and was able to help them recover the materials that went missing. 

8.  Talk about the most memorable moment that you had working with TRM.

The most memorable moment I have was a few years ago, when Amy and I were on the phone and it must have been past midnight where Amy lived, because it was pretty late where I am in Arizona. We were working on a social studies and ELA project, and trying to write an engaging passing about elephants and dolphins. I remember that moment because it so perfectly exemplified who Amy is. She is so passionate and committed to the projects, the publishers, and the people. I remember being inspired by her willingness to do whatever it takes to not only get the job done, but to get it done well.

9.  How has working with TRM benefitted you personally?

TRM has given me so many opportunities and experiences to grow and take on new and exciting projects and roles. It’s shaped my ability to communicate and lead teams of writers and editors, and has opened up the doors to new relationships with publishers and other freelancers.

10.  What are you looking forward to in future aspirations with TRM?

I look forward to continuing to grow with TRM. Growth and progress is so important in this industry, particularly in attempt to keep up with the modern demands of students and the innovative technologies that are at our fingertips. I believe TRM will pioneer the way to a more advanced academic system, and I can’t wait to be a part of that success.