Amy Kennedy

Up Close and Personal With Amy Kennedy

1.  How long have you been working with TRM?

In September, it will be five years! 

2.  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a nurse educator and a proud mother of 2 girls, Megan (23) and Sandy (18)

3.  What experience and expertise do you bring to the TRM team?

I bring 18 years of newborn, pediatric, and home health nursing experience to TRM. I also bring curriculum development and extensive knowledge regarding the NCLEX blueprint. 

4.  What are some of your most notable accomplishments?

Besides my lovely daughters, I am a co-author of a nursing research study published in 1999. I have also contributed to the development of numerous print textbooks and online digital materials in the field of nursing since 2009. 

5.  What is the best thing you like about working with TRM?

I love that TRM is an online family. Although I have never met Amy Bethea in person, I feel as if she is a kindred spirit! She is the heart and soul of TRM. 

6.  Talk about a funny moment you had working on a project for TRM.

Any K-Cow email that we got from Kushan! LOL

7.  Talk about a challenging moment you had working on a project for TRM.

When I was working on an allied health project with very tight deadlines and little guidance from the publisher – I faced many challenges. It was tough as I was the initially the project manager which required daily phone calls (mostly during my summer vacation) and hours and hours of work! We could not have finished that project without the concerted effort and cooperation of the entire team! 

8.  Talk about the most memorable moment that you had working with TRM.

I got sick with pneumonia and Amy B. and Myrna B. told me not to worry; as they would take care of finishing a deliverable due to the client. They both stepped in without hesitation! I will never forget that and I have been trying to pay it forward ever since. 

9.  Would you recommend working for TRM to your colleagues?  If so, why?

Yes - I have referred several of my colleagues to TRM. This company cares about you not only as a professional but as a person. It is the personal aspect that keeps me engaged with TRM. I am more than just a warm body - I am valued for my knowledge and expertise! 

10.  What are you looking forward to in future aspirations with TRM?

I am looking forward to continuing my role of clinical editor with current projects and being involved with Project Nightingale!!!