Our Summer Conference

Our Summer Conference
Katie Murphy

This summer some of us from The Research Masters team met in Winston Salem, NC to discuss the exciting projects ahead of us with our new initiative, Lifelong Media. This was no ordinary meeting. For some of us, we have worked together for years on various projects and have never met. We have had hundreds (or is it thousands?) of emails and a lot of phone calls, but never a face-to-face meeting. What an incredible experience! 

So how did it go? I liken it to meeting up with a close friend you haven’t seen in months or even years. You know, that childhood friend you can just hug and start talking to like you saw them yesterday? That was definitely my experience. When it was time to leave, we said our goodbyes but knew we would pick up again like that old childhood friend.

Our team is as diverse as our customers—single parents, past executives, stay-at-home moms, and world travelers. However, with all of our differences, we have a common thread that weaves us together. All of us at The Research Masters understand that the only path to success is paving it in teamwork. Our collective minds have some amazing ideas that we can’t wait to share!