Real Talk With Real Friends

Real Talk With Real Friends
By Lisa King

Recently, The Research Masters had its first live meeting.  Some of the members of our team members convened for the very first time, and I had the honor of meeting some of the wonderful individuals that I have worked with for several years.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had this privilege! Working in a virtual environment has its advantages, however, meeting face to face has several advantages as well.

During our face-to-face meeting, I noticed a strengthening of the bond amongst all of the team members. My employer and colleagues became more than just people with whom I collaborate with via email and more than the voice on the phone that I regularly hear. They became real individuals. They became my friends.  Getting to know people on a personal level and recognizing that we all share similar struggles as well as dreams, helps to build trust and comfort, which will make it easier to work together, especially in stressful situations as we move forward. 

In addition, our meeting reinforced the significance of each of our roles within the team.  My editorial responsibilities, the deadlines that I push my groups to keep, and my virtual demeanor no longer affect an individual writing an email or a voice on the phone, but they now have implications on real people, who are my friends and colleagues.

My only regret is not getting to meet the other remarkable team members who were unable to join us. I look forward to several more face-to-face meetings where we can continue to share special experiences and forge strong bonds of friendship and respect within our team.