The Bumblebee Girl

The Bumblebee Girl
Missy Radecki

…A tale from Project Nightingale

I am a bumblebee. Well, technically no, but my name “Melissa” is from Greek mythology meaning “sweet as a honey bee.”  Back when MTV still played music videos, the alternative rock band Blind Melon released a video for their song “No Rain.” The video followed a girl, dressed as bumblebee, moving through the city. The bumblebee girl was looking for others like her. Eventually, she came across a park and through the gates there were people just like her, dressed as bumblebees.  I always remember the look on the bumblebee girl’s face when she found her kind. I imagined what it felt like as she walked through the gates and joined the rest of the bumblebee people.

Over the years, I have had what I call “my bumblebee” moments. As a nursing student during late night study sessions with my fellow classmates or as a graduate nurse in orientation, I was surrounded by my kind.  When I chose Nursing Education as my graduate program, I was nervous if I made the right decision.  Then, sitting in a faculty meeting, listening to my mentors discuss curriculum and assessment, I knew I found my next bumblebee people. Every time I attended a conference, seminar, or meeting I always felt like the bumblebee girl. I was around other people who shared my interests.

I got to experience another one of “my bumblebee” moments again when I had the privilege of joining my colleagues in North Carolina. Finally meeting people that I for so long only knew through email communication, in person, was a great experience.  Sitting in a room with our laptops open, we shared ideas, discussed how we handled different projects, and most importantly got to know each other.  I knew these were my bumblebees too, because the collaboration was easy. 

We are always searching for others like us; people who understand and are willing to help us achieve our goals. What I hope to provide other nurses in Project Nightingale is that very special place for graduate nurses: a community of mentors who guide and facilitate new nurses into the profession. So that each nurse entering our site, will feel like the bumblebee girl did when she found her kind.