Why I Love My Team

Why I Love My Team
Lucy Boyd

I've been asked why I love my team and I can only guess that this will be an atypical response. Honestly, I love my team because I am not a team player. Not in any way, shape, or form. I grew up an only child and spent my days reading or playing outside. I’ve never desired to work with anyone else and the occasional projects in school that required teamwork were something I absolutely dreaded, while my classmates found them fun.

Now, here I am on a team and happy about it. Why? Because when I met this wonderful group in Winston Salem, I could see myself looking back. They all seem to be individuals who have happened to form what I think will be the team of the century. They are strong and independent and have each earned my respect over the years in the projects we have worked on together.

Followers are happy on a team, and leaders are happy as long as they’re leading, but individualists are only happy on a team when they really respect the minds and hearts of the other members. And that is clearly the case here. Amy Bethea has managed to assemble a group of rugged individuals, with fantastic and varied backgrounds, who each feel confident in what they bring to the table. We know what we each contribute and now are looking forward to getting the input of the others as we forge ahead with turning ideas into reality.

This team will hone my skills. It will give me honest feedback. It will welcome my moments of genius and forgive the moments I don’t feel inspired. It will change me to the core as we embark on a course to change the lives of others. And I can hardly wait.